Broner Tells Pacquiao’s Group He Has Cat, Canine For Them To Eat


It’s good to see that Pac, at forty, after seriously coaching, continues to be a minimal of as good as an above common boxer 20 years his junior. I hope it’s a great fight and both come out protected and healthy. Pac is an unbelievable legend and Thurman is an superior dude. What a present this is able to be from Manny to Thurman and us. Unreal that at Manny’s age, Keith must be spectacular or he’ll lose. Imagine we get Thurman-Pacquiao, Spence-Porter and Crawford-Garcia all signed on the similar time?

Everybody thought holyfield was going to be killed but he shocked the boxing world. There’s so many, however just lately Bradley v. Provodnikov. Besides it being a hellacious struggle at instances, watching Bradley earn his redemption amongst fans, and Provodnikov successful respect, had me smiling the entire time. Really hope the rematch happens someday. In the same spirit of vengeance that made so many individuals love Bradley vs Provo, Vera vs Jr was like that for me.

He will come in heavy, and then dominate with a measurement / althetesism benefit, though maidana may have his moments. He’s hittable, but not as hittable as I originally thought. And Maidana just isn’t as fast as Malinaggi. Interesting battle regardless. Showtime lastly releases full fight of Adrien Broner vs. Paulie Malignaggi.

Can’t consider he was this degree of dangerous, did not land one single shot in spherical 12. You can understand why he was a World class fighter despite his lack of energy and how he still has a profession in boxing even after retirement. Pacquiao doesn’t have anything to show. Mayweather isn’t nearly as good a boxer as his father. He talks out his ass method an excessive amount of.

Pacquiao pushing the tempo right here in the twelfth. Pacquiao jabs at the chest. Pacquiao with a looping proper. Pacquiao with a very nice jab. Broner with a jab however Pacquiao landed at the similar time.

Broner backing up and Pacquiao lands one other left. Pacquiao’s not likely placing a lot of energy on these pictures, but he’s quick enough to score. Pacquiao wtih a straight left. Pacquiao with a pair of lefts.

Broner very fast straight proper. Pacquiao jabs and goes to the body. Pacquiao with a pair of jabs.

This subreddit is primarily involved with all issues related to professional boxing as a sport. Looks like he has a seizure each time his counters fail to hit its mark. Good stuff, i didn’t get to watch this battle, thanks. Meh I would say moreso that Garcia proved he was significantly better than we though.

I generally suppose Broner does this shit on function. Just be positive to’re essentially the most hated boxer, so you keep getting dragged in with iconic names to get beat and knocked out. Thurman fights similarily every fight. He comes out aggressive early, and after getting his lead he begins to move haiti vs belize. It’s a method roy jones used to make use of, start fast and attempt to get hands on a guy early, if he is nonetheless around, prepare for a extra methodical method. For me, it was evander holyfield beating tyson the first time.



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