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A whole of 13 explosions have been recorded in December; the most important, at 1155 on the thirteenth, ejected ash to three,000 m above the crater. Were recorded in May or June, however plume emission continued. Ash accumulation in May was 112 g/m2 on the observatory.

Sulfur dioxide emissions decreased from 3,four hundred tons/day on 4 October to 600 tons/day on 10 October. JMA reported that very small eruptive occasions were recorded at Minamidake Crater (at Aira Caldera’s Sakurajima volcano) during June. JMA reported that very small eruptive events at Minamidake Crater (at Aira Caldera’s Sakurajima volcano) were recorded throughout August; the volcano was quiet throughout August. JMA reported that a very small eruptive event was recorded at Minamidake Crater (at Aira Caldera’s Sakurajima volcano) on 2 May.

Two swarms of volcanic earthquakes have been recorded, on sixteen and 28 February. April’s 19 recorded explosions introduced the yr’s total to 104. The most April ash cloud peak was 2,000 m above Minami-dake crater, from the explosion at 0836 on the twentieth.

During a subject survey on 4 March scientists noticed ash deposits with fragments up to 2 cm in diameter, in an space three km S of Showa Crater. JMA reported that the most important number of explosions they’ve recorded in a month, 178, occurred on the crater in March. A small pyroclastic flow on 17 March traveled 600 m SE. The number of explosive occasions at the Showa crater of Sakurajima elevated alex sensation wife name from January-May 2015. During the interval, ash emissions generally rose 3,000 m above the crater rim, and a few exceeded 4,000 m; tephra was often ejected 1.3 km and as far as 1.8 km from the crater. Incandescence was noticed every week; multiple MODVOLC thermal alerts had been reported monthly from January-June 2015.

On 19 and 20 February, explosions produced ash clouds that rose to unknown heights. Based on JMA data, the Tokyo VAAC reported that explosions on 26 March at 1715 and 27 March at 0607 produced plumes that extended S and rose to ~2.5 km and ~2 km altitude, respectively. During April, Miniami-dake crater produced 14 eruptions, together with five that had been explosive. Seismic station B, 2.three km NW of Miniami-dake crater, recorded 364 earthquakes and 120 tremors. On 28 April an ash plume rose three,500 m above the summit crater. This was the best ash plume noticed in the course of the month.

There was a decline in exercise throughout June-September, with vitality emitted in November-December remaining lower than earlier within the 12 months. Sentinel-2 satellite imagery revealed two distinct thermal anomalies throughout the Minamidake crater at Aira’s Sakurajima volcano on 1 and 6 February 2020. Sentinel-2 thermal satellite photographs showing small thermal anomalies and gas-and-steam emissions at Sakurajima inside the Minamidake crater between late July and early October 2019. All pictures with “Atmospheric penetration” rendering; courtesy of Sentinel Hub Playground. Photos of an ash plume rising 5.5 km above Sakurajima on 8 November 2019 and drifting E.



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