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In the gripping and emotional ultimate season you outline your relationships, battle the undead, and determine how Clementine’s story ends. And lastly, we feel like no one talks about the “Nightmares and Dreams” episode sufficient the sets up the tone of the Black Sun invasion quite spectacularly. Aang can’t sleep as he can solely think about how nervous he’s to battle the Fire Lord, so the young Airbender goes days with out sleeping. Speaking of the relationship between Iroh and Zuko, who did not tear up after they lastly reunited within the White Lotus camp at Ba Sing Se?

But, the conversation the morning after had us in tears as properly, solely this time it was from laughter. But, the half where he tries to copy Uncle Iroh’s gems of wisdom is one of his shining moments. Something about him being so off-base but so on point at the similar time simply perfectly encapsulates the most effective features of his character and his uncle’s. Death is the one factor Nickelodeon avidly appeared to influence theAvatar animation staff from showing or speaking about, and Jet was no exception. Therefore, his death in opposition to Long Feng was very ambiguous and they could solely allude to it with Toph saying he was mendacity about his wounds and so on. Plus Katara, one of the most badass characters within the show, has to play babysitter.

And, we’re right here right now to speak about the ten traces from different characters within the present which would possibly be essentially the most meme-worthy. After Zhao killed the Moon Spirit, every thing turned gray apart from her eyes which remained blue, showing the life force of Tui inside her. Despite her affinity for the spirits, she has proven to be unfamiliar with the Avatar’s non secular mo3 quotes power, being visibly concerned Aang was at risk the second he meditated into the Spirit World. Yue was the only known particular person to have life given to them by a spirit. Although she did not possess any waterbending ability during her life, Yue took over the Moon Spirit’s talents and have become a waterbender capable of Avatar-level strategies. She can generate large tidal waves, enlarging Aang’s personal in order to safely carry him to shore.

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She supplied hope to others even in essential times, together with a despaired Aang. Yue was courageous sufficient to sacrifice her personal life to save lots of the Moon Spirit, a feat that not only saved her tribe but presumably the world. Toph is doubtless considered one of the hottest characters within the series and for good purpose. She’s stronger than most while dealing with a disability, invents metal-bending, is tough/blunt to a fault, and is arguably top-of-the-line benders on the planet. Fans discover out all this stuff over time, however trying back, it makes her first interplay with the Boulder all the better.



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