River Via The Carolinas


A bonanza is a mine with a wealthy pocket of ore that can be exploited. “Bonanza” is the Spanish word for a rich lode, and we imported the time period into English. “Bonanza” initially meant “fair climate at sea”, and from that came to mean “prosperity, good fortune”. Ultimately, “bonanza” comes from the Latin “bonus” meaning “good”. WSJ has probably the greatest crosswords we’ve got our arms to and definitely our daily go to puzzle.

The river is a serious part of the area’s cultural expression. It can also be a major part of the area’s identification, as a result of it is a big, muddy river. Because lots of people name at the identical time, you will get a lot of calls without delay. When you get a brand new telephone, you don’t need to call someone if you need to. This is as a result of it’s one of the main tributaries of the mighty River, James. Prior to 1986, an SSN was required just for individuals with substantial earnings, so many children beneath 14 had no number assigned.

The name “Caspian” comes from the Caspi individuals who lived to the southwest of the sea within the South Caucasus. Sea urchins are globular, spiny creatures found just about everywhere in the ocean. The “roe” of a sea urchin is eaten as a delicacy in a quantity of cuisines all over the world. The term “roe” normally means “fish eggs”, however within the case of the ocean urchin it refers to the gonads of each the male and female. Crosswords aren’t merely an entertaining hobby activity based on many scientists.

By 1609, Galileo had constructed his personal telescope and began to discover the night sky. South Carolina’s Santee River was named by English settlers for the Santee tribe that lived alongside its banks. The Santee River was dammed in the late 1930s and early Forties to form Lake Marion reservoir as a half of a WPA project. Karel Čapek was a Czech author noted for his works of science fiction. Čapek’s 1921 play “R.U.R.” is remembered partly for introducing the world to the word “robot”. The words “automaton” and “android” have been already in use, but Capek gave us “robot” from the unique Czech “robota” which means “forced labor”.

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