‘the Blacklist’ Finally Reveals Raymond Reddington’s Actual Identification


The penultimate episode concluded with Red urgent a button that put the entire epicenter of his intelligence up in flames, each killing Townsend and destroying his many years of collected intelligence. The big truths we do have by the top of the hour are that Liz’s mom Katarina Rostova is still alive — because the now-dead woman Liz thought was an older Katarina Rostova is not Katarina Rostova. And the Red we’ve come to know on the show is definitely an identification “constructed” by the real Katarina to watch over Liz. So The Blacklist followers are again to square one when it comes to the truth of Red’s id and his relationship with Liz. The prevailing principle is that he IS the real Reddington, who survived his obvious death and burning. He also does not think about himself to be the old Raymond, and therefore doesn’t see himself as Liz’s true father.

Considering that Katarina Rostov’s whereabouts are unknown it’s completely possible thatThe Blacklist’s Raymond Reddington is definitely Liz’s mother. Jared Kushner, a former senior aide to then-President Donald Trump who is married to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, wrote in a memoir to be printed next month that he had a bout with thyroid cancer in 2019 that was previously undisclosed. Red and Dembe take Liz down right into a bunker and block the hatch to protect them all from Townsend, who says Liz tipped him off to their location in order to gain her freedom by allowing him to kill Red as revenge for what Red did to Townsend’s household. The episode ends with Red pressing a button that places the whole epicenter of his intelligence up in flames, each killing Townsend and destroying his decades of collected intelligence. The consumer appeared to have their mind firmly made up and went on to discuss Liz’s tragic end in season 8 when she was killed. The stunning demise proved that Liz’s search for answers was a hazard to herself and others.

We discover Raymond’s history of concealing his true id and discuss a fan principle that means his id won’t ever be revealed. An emotional montage closes out the finale, with highlights from Liz’s life and relationships replaying on display screen. Particularly notable are the tender moments from Liz’s early life along with her mother, which get cut together with scenes of Liz and Red from the last eight seasons. Tonight’s finale episode, titled “Konets,” saw raya and the last dragon 2 Red hatch a plan to have Liz kill him and take over his operation. Red is convinced that his mysterious sickness is terminal and the one method to hold the felony underworld at bay within the wake of Townsend’s dying is for Liz to stand up as a formidable sufficient risk herself. He exhibits her a letter from her mother, promising that it will reply all her questions once the plan is complete.

Gunshot wounds aren’t at all times fatal, and it is potential that the young Liz could’ve missed his important organs by a millimeter. She then got pregnant with Liz, however let her husband believe the child was his while having an affair with Raymond. Eventually, the two operatives revealed they were spying on each other, and on the night of the large fireplace, a younger Liz shot and killed her father, who was preventing with Katarina. Liz learns that the now-dead lady she thought was her mother was really a girl tasked with taking on her identity to Katarina may go into hiding earlier than Liz was sent to reside with her adoptive father. As Liz is demanding these answers, the black-and-white story is receding as shouts and photographs ring out in the actual location they have been this whole time, Red’s “epicenter,” which is being stormed by Neville Townsend.

Red presents to help them track down different needed criminals that he’s compiled on his personal “blacklist.” Raymond Reddington’s somewhat odd situation is that he’ll solely work with rookie Liz Keen , together with his connection to her being mysterious. But we nonetheless don’t have affirmation of who Red is, despite the fact that Katarina becoming Red is a particular risk at this point, so it’s doubtless that piece of the puzzle shall be revealed on next week’s Season eight finale. Meanwhile, Tatiana was making an attempt to figure out where the real Katarina was in order to get her own life back, and she or he tried to get near Liz and told her she was her mother Katarina, in a protracted con to get the placement of the actual Katarina out of Red.



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