Sapnaps hands went to rest right above goals, pulling you shut till your chests touched. You had been sandwiched between dream and sapnap, dream now leaning down and kissing your neck again. His lips have been gently, leaving open mouth kisses alongside your neck before going to your jaw line. You pulled back from sapnap, turning your head so you could kiss dream. Sapnap kissed the other side of your neck, pushing your t-shirt up so his palms might go under it and contact your warm skin. You weren’t quite sure what karl was doing, but you knew you’d get to him soon so that you didn’t fear too much.

You positioned your arms on his cheeks, pulling him down to kiss you. The kiss was gently and passionate. Dream pulled away from you which ones earned a slightly groan from you. “Sorry princess,” Dream stated earlier than placing his palms again in your hips. Dream pressed his chest in opposition to your back, moving hair behind your ear as you kissed sapnap.

” Karl asked and also you nodded slowly. “Can i tell them what you’re scared of? ” Karl asked and once again you nodded.

Your foggy mind thought it was greatest to go to his home. I awakened the subsequent morning with the worst headache in existence. I looked over to see y/n waking up too. “hey man..” they said, rubbing their eyes. It all came flooding again to me. it was cody. I appeared over at y/n who looked shocked however i dont know why.

“When the hell did you do this? ” You giggled as dream set you down. “Right before we left for the film,” Sapnap stated. “So that’s why we were madison schmitt a little late,” You stated and the boys nodded. “That’s precisely why,” Dream chuckled.

“Y/n, we wouldn’t have to do this tonight,” Dream lastly spoke. “Yeah, it’s okay should you aren’t prepared,” Karl added. And- and scared,” You admitted, sighing again. ” Sapnap requested as you stared down at your arms. “Is it about what we talked about earlier?

” Karl requested, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “I-I’m ready,” You whispered and karl looked at you closely. Karl smiled which made you smile as nicely. “I-i spent all evening attempting to get off and it didn’t work, okay? ” You groaned, squeezing your eyes shut, scared to look at the three boys. You waited for them to snicker, to tug away and call you pathetic.



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