Virtual Picture Questions And Solutions


Choose the wrong assertion related to virtual picture. Statement B is true, as the distance between picture and mirror is identical as the which statement best describes ics form 201 gap between object and mirror. Each module of the series covers a different matter and is additional broken down into sub-topics.

The photographs which may be seen on a display are known as actual pictures. The picture which cannot be obtained on a screen known as digital pictures. In E, the object is located in entrance of the focal point of a concave mirror. At such an object location, the picture could be virtual, upright, and magnified. In B, a convex mirror is used.

B. The image is fashioned at the same distance as the object. D is false; the middle image is a virtual image; it is upright and positioned behind the mirror . B is true; the center picture is similar distance from the crease of the twin mirror system as the picture is from the crease. However, picture distances are normally measured because the smallest distance measured perpendicularly to the mirror. A web page fault happens when a web page isn’t found in the memory and needs to be loaded from the disk.

F is fake; actual images result when mirrored mild rays converge to a degree. Virtual picture is formed after the light rays are reflected from the mirror. In A, the image is real and its distance is further from the mirror than the item. This might solely happen when the object is placed between C and F of a concave mirror.

Real images result when the mirrored light rays diverge. Virtual pictures result when the reflected gentle rays diverge. An image of a real object is formed; the picture distance (s’ or di) for virtual picture is a – value. Virtual images are solely shaped by diverging lenses, by no means by converging lenses.

ConceptVirtual memory of a computer does not rely upon the main memory. However, it is not straight wrong however not one of the best reply. Write back means updates are written only to the cache. It combines the features of straightforward paging and overlaying to implement digital reminiscence. A. Images produced by concave lenses are at all times real.

At such an object location, the picture would be actual, inverted and reduced in size. In C, a plane mirror is used. Plane mirrors all the time produce upright, virtual pictures.



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