What Happened To Dj Paul’s Arm? Does He Have A Fake Hand?


It was just one thing in the past that I snatched up. DJ Paul launched different albums that brought him industrial successes. He grew to become a nationwide sensation with his Crunk Style.

I’ve accomplished heard of dudes telling and snitchin’, however I never heard the complete weight of the means in which a dude assume and the complete concept of it. “Why would I do 10 when I can gon’ head and tell on a friend? ” Anybody that’s ever did fed time is aware of that that’s a slogan within the feds, that’s what they say. It’s messed up too man as a end result of that’s like I get caught up in something and I am placing my pressures and what I’m going via on another man, so I can ease my very own ache. That’s wrong and similar to this right here, when I was younger I get robbed and since I get robbed I get mad on the world and say I’m robbin’ everyone.

But promoting performs a big half within the rap sport. You’ve got to have a good advertising thing going. And I simply feel that the first album wasn’t promoted proper.”

After battling with insurance coverage corporations for weeks, he finally got coverage to cover his proper arm and hand. DJ Paul has been a DJ for as lengthy as he can keep in mind, however after losing his right arm finger in a car accident last yr, he was forced to adapt to new methods of doing his job. As if this obstacle was not enough, the summer time heat and humidity had been at an all-time high and DJ Paul found himself unable to do any work in any way.

We had the music ‘Ridin’ in da Chevy.’ I always talked about actual automobiles I have or I had at the moment. I never speak about cars I don’t have, which made it so cool for me. I kept it one hundred and that’s what made it simple for me to rap about because consolate definition I get into specifics.” Juicy and I had been recording at our’s mother crib. We had an apartment that was honeycomb hideout. It was Crunchy’s house more typically than not as a end result of he kept an condo.

I’m pullin’ some issues out the bag over here – properly, we shot the photo shoot when I was with Three 6, out in L.A. We had a bunch of excellent footage, and Paul was like, “I like this shot. You look mean; you appear to be your music sounds, and I adore it,” and I was like, “Hey, let’s go for it.” Them dudes have by no means steered me wrong, so I will follow, you know, I’m a pacesetter however I will comply with the leader. Basically it’s uncooked, some real rough shit, I’m going off, and ridin’ the shit out of every monitor.

I don’t even need to do Come With Me to Hell right now if you’re excited about doing a group album. I’d rather us do it as a group.’ He really fought for the group, and I was like, ‘Alright… ‘Get Down’ is just one of them songs where I’m going again in my past of how a nigga do again in the days.

I wish to do that at some point.’ One of the funniest components about recording that album was recording it with him. He was from an old ‘70s group from Memphis and once I can be sitting on the piano playing the music I would be hitting some dark notes and making it clash on function and he would always trip on that. He could be like, ‘Man, that’s out of key guys.’ And I can be like, ‘No, we want it to sound like that.’ He was like, ‘You want it to sound out of key?



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